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Tritium (3H) Catalog Number Listings : MT 901 - MT 999

MT 901 - MT 920

MT 901 Arachidonic acid, [5,6,8,9,11,12,14,15-3H(N)]-
MT 901L Arachidonic acid, [5,6,8,9,11,12,14,15-3H(N)]-
MT 901T Arachidonic acid, [5,6,8,9,11,12,14,15-3H(N)]-
MT 902 3'-Azido 3'-deoxythymidine 5'-diphosphate, tritriethylammonium salt, [methyl-3H]-   Discontinued
MT 902 AZT-DP, [methyl-3H]-   Discontinued
MT 903 L-Phenylalanine, [ring-2,6-3H]-
MT 905 L-Histidine, [2,5-3H]-
MT 906 L-3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine, [ring-2,5,6-3H]-
MT 906 L-DOPA, [ring-2,5,6-3H]-
MT 907 Tetracycline, [7-3H(N)]-
MT 907H Tetracycline, [7-3H(N)]-
MT 908 L-Tryptophan, [5-3H]-
MT 909 L-Lysine, [4,5-3H(N)]-
MT 909W L-Lysine, [4,5-3H(N)]-
MT 910 L-Serine, [3H]-
MT 911 2-Deoxy-D-glucose, [1,2-3H(N)]-
MT 912 Cholesterol, [1,2-3H(N)]-
MT 913 Clindamycin hydrochloride, [3H]-
MT 914 D-Glucose, [3-3H]-
MT 916 myo-Inositol, [2-3H]-
MT 917 Oleic acid, [9,10-3H]-
MT 918 Myristic acid, [9,10-3H]-
MT 919 N-Succinimidyl propionate, [propionate-2,3-3H]-
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MT 921 - MT 940

MT 922 2'-Fluoro 2'-deoxyuridine, [5'-3H]-
MT 924B Water, [3H]-, 1 mCi (37 MBq)/g
MT 924C Water, [3H]-, 25 mCi (925 MBq)/g
MT 924D Water, [3H]-, 1 Ci (37 GBq)/g
MT 924E Water, [3H]-, 5 Ci (185 GBq)/g
MT 925 Uridine 5'-triphosphate, tetraammonium salt, [5,6-3H]-
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MT 941 - MT 960

MT 944 D-Serine, [3-3H]-
MT 945 L-Alanyl-L-alanine, [3H]-
MT 946 2',3'-Dideoxyadenosine 5'-monophosphate, diammonium salt, [2',3'-3H]-
MT 947 5'-Deoxy 5'-azidoadenosine, [8-3H(N)]-
MT 948 Phthalic acid, [2,3,4,5-3H]-
MT 949 2-Methoxyestradiol, [4-3H]-    Discontinued
MT 951 Kaempferol, [3H]-
MT 952 Glycyl-L-glutamine, [3H]-
MT 953 2'-Fluorothymidine, [methyl-3H]-
MT 954 AICA Riboside monophosphate, [3H]-
MT 954 5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide-1-ß-D-ribofuranoside 5'-monophosphate, [3H]-
MT 955 Actinomycin D, [3H]-
MT 956 3-Deazaaristeromycin, [8-3H(N)]-
MT 957 D-Histidine, [2,5-3H]-
MT 958 2'-Fluoro 2'-deoxyuracil-ß-D-arabino-furanoside, 5'-monophosphate ditriethylammonium salt, [5-3H]-
MT 959 3-Deazaneplanocin, [3H]-
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MT 961 - MT 980

MT 961 Staurosporine, N,N-Dimethyl-[dimethyl-3H(N)]-    Discontinued
MT 963 5-(Bromovinyl) 2'-deoxyuridine, [2'-3H]-    Discontinued
MT 964 N-t-BOC-L-alanine, [2,3-3H]-
MT 964 N-(tert Butoxycarbonyl)-L-alanine, [2,3-3H]-
MT 966 7(S)-Brefeldin A, [7-3H]-
MT 967 D-Alanine, [2,3-3H]-
MT 968 Acetic acid, tetraethylammonium salt, [methyl-3H]-
MT 969 Thymol, [ring-3H]-    Discontinued
MT 970 17ß-3-Deoxyestradiol, [3,6,7-3H]-
MT 971 Valyl-tyrosine, [tyrosine-3,5-3H]-
MT 972 Penciclovir, [8-3H]-
MT 973 5'-O-(4,4'-Dimethoxytrityl) thymidine, [methyl-3H]-
MT 974 Xanthosine 5'-triphosphate, tetraammonium salt, [8-3H]-    Discontinued
MT 975 3TC, [5-3H]-
MT 975 (-)-ß-L-2',3'-Dideoxy-3'-thiacytidine, [5-3H(N)]-
MT 976 9-(2-Phosphonylmethoxyethyl)-guanine, [guanine-8-3H]-
MT 976 PMEG, [guanine-8-3H]-
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MT 981 - MT 999

MT 982 N-FMOC-L-Leucine, [4,5-3H]-   Discontinued
MT 984 Clorgyline hydrochloride, [propargyl-3-3H]-   Discontinued
MT 985 Sinefungin, [8-3H]-    Discontinued
MT 987 Chlorambucil, [3H]-   Discontinued
MT 988 Stearic acid, [9,10-3H]-
MT 989 Efaroxan, [3H]-
MT 990 Sulfamethazine, [3,5-3H]-
MT 991 4-Hydroxyphenyl lactic acid methyl ester, [ring-3H]-    Discontinued
MT 992 Triciribine, [3H]-    Discontinued
MT 993 1,2,4-Triazole-3-carboxamide, [3H]-
MT 994 L-Carnosine, [3H]-
MT 995 Acyclovir, [side chain-2-3H]-
MT 997 Ara-UMP, [5-3H]-
MT 997 Uracil-ß-D-arabinofuranoside-5' monophosphate, diammonium salt, [5-3H]-
MT 998 Tritium (gas, carrier-free)
MT 999 Inosine 5'-monophosphate, diammonium salt, [8-3H]-
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