Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Moravek, Inc.’s Statement to Valued Clients regarding COVID-19 Outbreak by Lia Barnes, Chief Operating Officer

At this time, as local, state and federal governments move to enact measures to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, Moravek, Inc. continues to engage in essential activities including Drug Development, Drug Manufacturing, Analysis, and provision of medicines to patients. We would like to assure you that we are prepared to maintain complete continuity of our operations and we will continue to conduct our critical business operations in support of our clients and their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Because the health and well-being of our employees and our ability to continue to deliver medicines to clients and patients during this extraordinary time remain our top priorities, we have moved quickly and aggressively to implement safety guidance from government and health officials and to identify potential points of exposure to the virus, implement and enforce new guidelines to limit the spread of the virus, and evaluate and mitigate potential virus-related disruptions in our supply chain.

The CDC and WHO guidelines have been implemented to minimize the potential for transmission of the virus at Moravek, Inc. Policies are in place restricting employee travel and limits have been placed on non-essential visitors to our facilities. 

We have implemented remote work for all employees whose duties permit as well as moved to virtual meetings.

All employees who must be present in order to perform their essential functions have reconfigured their work areas to implement social distancing in all areas including production, quality control, quality assurance and administrative areas.

All employees have been instructed about the importance of personal hygiene and sanitization of their work areas and that these are key control and preventative measures. Our company’s health and safety protocols have been modified and now include sanitizing common areas and surfaces repeatedly during each work day. 

Even though we do not anticipate any problems fulfilling current and future orders, we have been proactive in our approach to acquiring supplies and have maintained communication with key suppliers. By acting quickly, we have been able to significantly increase the levels of all key materials and supplies to ensure continuity should we experience a disruption in our supply chain of key materials and/or supplies. 

As a result of these efforts we are able to continue to offer our clients and their patients uninterrupted access to our products and services.

We are committed to continuing to serve you, our customers. If any additional information is needed, or if you have questions about an ongoing or soon to be initiated project, please contact your Moravek, Inc. representative.


Lia Barnes, M.Sc.

Chief Operating Officer

Moravek, Inc.