Comprehensive Logistics Services for Laboratories

With over 40 years of experience providing logistics support for non-clinical and clinical studies in the US and around the world, our experienced staff can manufacture, store, dispense, and transport your API to ensure the success of your study.      

  • Initial teleconference with Proposal Development Coordinator available on request 
  • Weekly email updates for all custom projects 
  • Coordination of final product formstorage temperature and packaging 
  • Aliquoting final product into multiple vials on request  
  • Editing and customization of vial labels for cGMP APIs  
  • Temperature controlled storage with a qualified Environmental Monitoring System for cGMP APIs 
  • Shipment to domestic and international destinations utilizing premium doortodoor courier service 
  • Temperature tracking of in-transit material with a TempTale temperature monitoring device 
  • Maintenance of chain of custody when shipping and receiving cGMP APIs