NextGen V-Vial

The NextGen V-Vial is used for packaging most products supplied by Moravek. This system consists of the following:

  • NextGen V-Vial
  • Butyl rubber stopper with Teflon liner
  • Aluminum crimp seal closure

nextgen-v-vial-pictureTo facilitate maximum recovery of products supplied in volumes of 5 mL or less these items are usually supplied in a NextGen V-Vial. A specially designed Teflon lined septum allows you to use a syringe to extract the contents of the NextGen V-Vial directly through the Teflon stopper. A resealable leak proof plastic outer container called a Securitainer is used to house the NextGen V-Vial during shipping and can also be used as a secondary container to store the NextGen V-Vial in your lab.

Special Packaging

Special packaging is available in several styles and sizes. Packaging offered by Moravek includes:

  • ScrewCap NextGen V-Vial bottles (products sold as solid)
  • Serum bottles with teflon lined septum and aluminum crimp seal (>10 mL)
  • Breakseal tubes (volatile liquids or gasses)
  • Sealed ampoules (volatile liquids)

Shipment of Volatile Radiolabeled Compounds with PVC Overpack

Liquid radiolabeled compounds, radiolabeled compounds with low melting points and radiolabled compounds which may sublime at ambient temperatures, require a strong PVC overpack for shipment with an additional packaging charge. See Fees.