During the course of our 40 year history, Moravek, Inc. has completed over 2,000 carbon-14 custom synthesis projects including up to 22 step complex, convergent and multiple isotope labeled compound syntheses while maintaining an overall success rate of approximately 99%.

Carbon-14, tritium and stable label custom syntheses are carried out by an exceptionally capable team including 9 Ph.D. and 7 M.Sc. radiochemists. We synthesize 14C labeled APIs and Drug Products in four dedicated highly engineered ISO certified clean rooms under a Drug Manufacturing License from the California Department of Public Health and have passed quality audits by major pharmaceutical companies with no observed violations.

Whether you are interested in a custom synthesis of a GMP 14C API for a clinical trial, or a millicurie of Thymidine, [methyl-3H]- from our 2,500 item product catalog, we will treat your order as our top priority and provide you with the best possible structural confirmation, quality assurance and customer support.

To meet the needs of our most risk averse GMP clients, Moravek, Inc. has installed a Cummins 500kW diesel generator with an 800 gallon fuel tank and is the first contract radiosynthesis facility to operate with a generator that provides 100% back-up power to the entire facility.

We Welcome Quality Audits.

Whether it's large pharma or government agencies, Moravek passes GMP audits with flying colors. We welcome client audits of our facilities and look forward to tailoring your campaign to meet your QA and regulatory requirements. Read more about Moravek Quality >>