Chemical Purity Determination by HPLC

Moravek’s chemical purity determination services lead the way in how chemical manufacturers assess purity. Our chemical purity assessments begin at $490† and include:

  • 1 injection of the chemical on its own
  • A PDF version of the integrated UV chromatogram
  • A Certificate of Analysis in PDF format indicating the chemical purity at a specific UV max
  • Delivery via email

Our chemical purity and identity assessment begins at $2,450† and includes the following:

  • 2 consistent diluent blank injections
  • 1 single injection of the chemical alone
  • 1 single injection of the reference standard on its own
  • 1 single co-injection of the chemical and a reference standard
  • A PDF version of the integrated UV chromatograms
  • A Certificate of Analysis in PDF format, which indicates the chemical purity at UV max and identity by co-elution with a reference standard
  • Delivery via emailNote: Analytical HPLC column must be provided by the customer at any time during the analysis when Moravek does not possess the required functioning HPLC column.†Pricing for our chemical purity determination services pertains to products manufactured by Moravek. Please inquire to obtain pricing for products produced by other manufacturers.
    If you have any questions about how chemical manufacturers assess purity, or about our pricing or services, feel free to call our customer service team at 714-990-2018.