Purification Services

We offer purification services appropriate to support both non-clinical and clinical studies 

Purification techniques routinely utilized include HPLC, flash and lobar chromatographycrystallization as well as preparative gas chromatography 

Purification Services

Purification services include: 

Development of achiral and chiral purification method(s), as appropriate, to achieve exceptionally high levels of radiochemical purity, chemical purity, and chiral purity  

  • Meeting agreed upon purity specifications 
  • Purification will be done in one of our four state-of-the-art Class 7 cleanrooms for GMP APIs 
  • Replacement of all wetted surfaces of the preparative HPLC system for GMP APIs 
  • Use of five dedicated Agilent 1260 preparative HPLC systems for purification of GMP APIs 
  • Only new HPLC preparative columnare used for purification of GMP APIs 
  • Purification of GMP APIs carried out according to master batch record 

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