Chemical Purity: Definitions, Examples, and Applications

Chemical purity refers to an element contains a single substance, without any other element tarnishing its standalone existence. Creating products that offer chemical purity can be quite an involved process. However, it’s necessary in order for us to have vaccines, medicines, and even everyday household products. To learn more about chemical purity, how it is reached in a lab setting, and why it’s significant, continue reading.

Examples of High Purity Chemicals

  • aluminum nitrate
  • barium nitrate
  • calcium carbonate
  • iron sulfate
  • lead oxide
  • mercury chloride
  • potassium hydroxide
  • silver sulfate

How Pure Chemicals Are Used in Various Industries

Chemicals are the building blocks of life. So it’s no surprise that several industries require the use of pure chemicals to create valuable goods and products that serve people throughout the entire globe.

For starters, pharmaceutical companies require chemicals such as sodium chloride and sodium benzoate to develop popular drugs that can help with aches and pains. These potent medicines can even battle something as severe as a chronic illness. The United States holds 45% of the global pharmaceutical market, making testing for purity a significant initial step before developing lifesaving medicine.

Meanwhile, the food industry requires chemicals like nitrates and sulfates as preservatives to extend the shelflife of goods you can find at the supermarket. No matter where you look, chemical purity can likely be found in products you rely on each day.

Reaching Chemical Purity in a Lab Setting

Labs conduct thorough tests to determine whether or not the chemical is at its purest state. For example, comparison tests allow the chemical manufacturer to visually assess the chemical's state. Manufacturers can also determine the quality by testing the chemical's physical properties. How does this work? Chemicals react a certain way when they meet their melting or boiling points, allowing the manufacture to draw a solid conclusion about its purity.

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