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Moravek offers radiolabeling services to researchers worldwide using carbon-14 and tritium. We offer custom radiolabeling services as well as an extensive catalog of many radiolabeled compounds to suit a wide variety of research needs.

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Carbon-14 (14C) is a widely used radiolabel due to its excellent radiochemical properties. It has a long half-life of 5730 years, so there is no need to account for radioactive decay during a lengthy study. The position of the carbon-14 label in the compound is exact and the label has minimal chance of isotope exchange. Carbon-14 has a higher emission energy than tritium and is easily detected at low doses. Even very small doses (~0.1 – 1 µCi) are measurable with some advanced detectors. For these reasons and more, carbon-14 is the preferred radiolabel for early phase clinical trials, such as mass balance/AME studies.

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Tritium (3H) is another routinely used radiolabel for research. Depending on the production method, a material may be generally labeled, nominally labeled, or exactly labeled with tritium. Tritium-labeled products generally have a higher molar activity, which corresponds to more activity with less mass. Additionally, tritium-labeled products are typically less expensive and can often be produced more quickly if the appropriate starting material is provided or commercially available.

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Custom Radiolabeling Services

Moravek is a leading provider of custom radiolabeling services, routinely producing high-quality custom compounds labeled with carbon-14 or tritium in support of a wide variety of research projects, including non-clinical and clinical studies. Our team of radiochemists is proficient in developing efficient radiosynthetic routes or production methods and can oftentimes offer multiple feasible options for a label position, so that you can select a label position that is appropriate for your research goals.

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Moravek’s catalog offers a wide variety of non-GMP radiolabeled products to suit many non-clinical research needs.
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