Moravek offers state-of-the-art radiolabeling services to support clinical trials and a wide range of research projects. We are the top choice for the custom synthesis of quality carbon-14 (14C) and tritium (3H) radiolabeled compounds.

Moravek is a world-renowned, leading supplier of radiolabeled compounds for research, preclinical and clinical studies.

Having extensive experience in radiolabeled compound synthesis, purification, analysis, documentation and release of radiolabeled compounds, we are ready to provide CMO and radiolabeling services to support any stage of drug development, from drug discovery to clinical trials.

Our radiolabeled compound custom synthesis group has experience with a wide range of chemistry and we have developed technology for the synthesis of hundreds of radio-intermediates to provide you with nearly unlimited options when selecting a label position. Your Proposal Development Coordinator will work with you and our chemists to help you select the most appropriate label position for your study that will be both efficient and metabolically stable.

cGMP and non-GMP radiolabeling services and related solutions offered by Moravek include:

  • Radiosynthesis
  • Manufacturing report
  • Purification service
  • QC and analytical support
  • Feasibility check and method transfer
  • QA documentation oversight and API release
  • Analytical protocols and reports
  • Direct collaboration with CROs
  • Direct collaboration with CROs
  • Shipping and logistics with chain of custody
  • Storage at a variety of temperatures
  • Radiochemical stability studies