How Our Team Can Help

Moravek offers organic synthesis services to researchers worldwide, including synthesis using stable isotopes (primarily carbon-13, deuterium, and nitrogen-15) and synthesis without the addition of any isotopic labels. We offer custom organic synthesis services as well as an extensive catalog of many stable-labeled and non-labeled compounds to suit a wide variety of research needs.

Custom Organic Synthesis Services

Moravek offers custom organic synthesis services for stable-labeled and non-labeled compounds.

Stable-Labeled Compounds

Custom compounds may be synthesized using stable, heavy isotopes such as carbon-13, deuterium, and nitrogen-15. The addition of stable labels to your custom compound is a useful way to keep track of a material without introducing radioactivity. Our team of chemists is experienced in developing efficient synthetic routes and will endeavor to add the number of additional mass units you desire.
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Non-Labeled Compounds

Moravek is capable of providing small-scale quantities (mg – g) of custom, non-labeled compounds. Our highly experienced chemists are skilled in a wide variety of chemistry techniques and are proficient in developing efficient synthetic routes. Additionally, Moravek has the capability to produce custom, non-labeled intermediates for radiolabeling or stable labeling projects.
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Stable-Labeled and Non-Labeled Catalog Items

Moravek’s catalog offers a wide variety of non-GLP stable-labeled and non-labeled products to suit many research needs.
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