Custom GLP Synthesis of Stable Labeled Compounds

Moravek’s experienced team of chemists can provide the services you need for your custom radio-labeling project. We can produce stable-labeled materials that are suitable for use in GLP studies and provide the level of documentation that you require. Routinely used stable labels include carbon-13, deuterium (hydrogen-2), and nitrogen-15. Other stable labels may be available upon request; please inquire. 

Our skilled team is able to perform custom synthesis, purification, and analysis of stable-labeled compounds in accordance with GLP. With comprehensive quality control, we ensure all analytical data and procedures meet your needs and are GLP-compliant. 

GLP Production Services  

Moravek’s chemists routinely synthesize and purify stable-labeled compounds under GLP conditions. All of our GLP production work is carried out in a dedicated fume hood that is cleaned according to standard operating procedures. Production of custom stable-labeled compounds may include drafting and documenting the production processes in a master batch record. After production is complete, our Quality Control laboratory analyzes the stable-labeled products using qualified instrumentation and produces a GLP Certificate of Analysis. 

The Moravek Quality Difference  

With our advanced equipment, cutting-edge facilities, and highly experienced and trained staff, you can trust Moravek to perform your custom GLP stable labeling project. Our expert quality control unit ensures that your stable-labeled compound meets your required specifications and is suitable for use in GLP studies. Any finished 13C, 2H, and/or 15N labeled materials can be sent directly to a contract research organization (CRO) to carry out testing. 

Begin the process today with an open conversation between you and our chemistry specialists. We will work with you to answer any questions, determine the appropriate scope of work, arrive at a suitable schedule, and ensure the success of your custom GLP stable labeling project.