How NMR and MS Are Used in Custom Radiolabeling

How NMR and MS Are Used in Custom Radiolabeling

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry (MS) are two vital methods of identifying and analyzing compounds within a chemical sample. These processes enable researchers to learn more about the samples they’re working with and ensure quality for custom radiolabeled compounds. Learn more about how NMR and MS are used in custom radiolabeling with this overview.

How Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Works

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a spectroscopy technique that allows researchers to identify or analyze chemical compounds. NMR works by applying an external magnetic field to the compound, causing the nuclei to react. Because all nuclei are electrically charged—and many nuclei have spin—this reaction creates a surge of energy.

The transfer of energy from the nuclei’s base energy level to a higher level creates an energy gap. Researchers can measure the wavelength of that energy gap with radio frequencies. Processing this information creates an NMR spectrum for the nucleus, which helps researchers identify and analyze the sample compound.

How Mass Spectrometry Works

Mass spectrometry (MS) also helps researchers identify and learn about various chemical compounds. Instead of studying energy transfers and nuclei behavior, MS focuses on the mass-to-charge ratio of the molecules within a sample. Researchers can calculate the exact molecular weight of a component with these measurements. This allows them to identify an unknown sample, quantify a known sample, or determine a molecule’s structure or chemical properties.

Research, Quality Control, and More

Once you know what NMR and MS are, it’s easy to see how and why researchers use them in custom radiolabeling. As research tools, NMR and MS help lab workers identify or analyze sample compounds to learn more about the compound’s molecular structure and other traits. NMR and MS also ensure the chemical purity of a radiolabeled compound, which means these procedures are invaluable to quality control.

At Moravek, we use NMR and MS to ensure high-quality standards for all our custom radiolabeling services. Learn more about NMR, MS, and other valuable methods we use when you visit Moravek today.