The Relationship Between HPLC and Non-GLP Compounds

The Relationship Between HPLC and Non-GLP Compounds

Understanding chemistry can be challenging. Maybe you’re new to the chemistry world and trying to understand the relationship between HPLC and non-GLP compounds. But what are HPLC and non-GLP? This blog post will help explain more regarding the subject.

What Is HPLC?

HPLC stands for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. Chromatography is a technique for separating compounds. You can only analyze compounds dissolved in solvents with HPLC to identify and quantify components in a mixture. It’s the single largest chromatography technique used in most laboratories worldwide.

A pump will force the solvent through a high-pressure column. The pressure creates a faster technique than column chromatography.

Why Use HPLC?

High-performance liquid chromatography has a few incredible benefits. It can determine impurity quantities and clarify the structure of pharmaceutical formulas. It’s especially great for thermally substances that are unstable, easily vaporized, and that contain a high molecular weight. In simple terms, HPLC can calculate a drug in its purest and dosage forms.

You can combine HPLC with other techniques to further its capabilities. This ideal analytical system will ensure the quality of drugs.

What Is Non-GLP?

GLP is an acronym that stands for Good Laboratory Practices. These practices are principles that ensure the quality of laboratory studies in lab settings. Non-GLP studies or compounds won’t follow the same rigorous guidelines.

Radiolabeled Compounds

Moravek is a custom radiolabeling company that uses HPCL and non-GLP compounds. We produce all our radiolabeled compounds under non-GLP conditions and accompany them with high-performance liquid chromatography. Our products will meet your specifications due to our reference standards, nuclear magnetic resonance, and mass spectrometry.

Performing under non-GLP conditions can minimize the risk of failure. You can streamline the process, which in return creates an easier and quicker study initiation. You can target the results of your specific study. Moravek can also perform under GLP conditions for an additional cost.

The knowledgeable staff at Moravek will help you to understand more about the relationship between HPLC and non-GLP compounds. Our years of experience have led us to these specific techniques to best serve our clients. This symbiotic relationship will continue to help us develop radiolabeled compounds.