Types of Pharmaceutical Grade Fume Hoods and How to Stay Safe in the Lab

fume hoods

Our effectiveness in the field is largely thanks to our advanced machinery and thorough safety techniques. One piece of equipment, the fume hood, for example, has an important place in the pharmaceutical world. Continue reading to learn more about safe fume hood practices to ensure GMP quality control, the types of fume hoods, and when to use one.

Fume hoods and their purpose

Fume hoods have one main purpose: protection.

While there are many safety precautions in the lab, the fume hood is one of the most essential parts of the puzzle.

Fume hoods, however, are not to be mistaken for biosafety cabinets. While biosafety habits keep lab workers safe from toxic fumes and gas, they are not regulated for exposure of volatile chemicals in large amounts -- like a fume hood. Fume hoods provide proper and continuous ventilation and airflow and ensure that GMP standards are met and can meet the demand of a large flow of toxic chemicals in the air. The fume hood disposes of the hazardous material offsite to allow the lab workers a safe and sanitary place to work.

Types of fume hoods

There are many basic types of fume hoods and they are as follows:

  • standard
  • bypass
  • canopy
  • radioisotope
  • auxiliary
  • perchloric acid

Each type of these types of fume hoods serves its own unique and special purpose in the lab. However, the all work to purify the air in a confined lab space.

Fume hood safety

When using a fume hood, always make sure you are using the proper type of hood for your unique situation in the lab. While there are many types, they are also extremely specific; one given choice will not appropriate for all kinds of work.

Before using the hood, make sure there is nothing blocking the ventilation system. A person or object could potentially disrupt the airflow. Lastly, make sure the fume hood is inspected once every year in order to make sure it's fully functional at all times.

A final word on fume hoods

Fume hoods are essential when testing and developing pharmaceutical grade products. They are used in labs throughout the nation and are regarded as one of the most significant and efficient pieces of equipment in the lab. Since it’s important for lab workers and chemical manufacturers to maintain a proper level of safety, a fume hood is the perfect piece of equipment to ventilate the surrounding air and maintain clean room standards.