What Is a Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization?

What Is a Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization?

The world of drug development and manufacturing is constantly evolving. As time goes on, pharmaceuticals—and the equipment necessary to develop them—become more advanced and, therefore, more expensive to keep in-house. As a result, many pharmaceutical companies are turning to trusted partners to assist in developing and manufacturing medicinal substances.

A contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partners with pharmaceutical companies to offer contract-based drug development and manufacturing services. Learn more about what a contract development and manufacturing organization is and how partnering with one can benefit your company.

Drug Development and Manufacturing

There is a lot of overlap between contract development and manufacturing organizations and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). Both types of organizations partner with pharmaceutical companies through contracts to manufacture drug products. The main difference between CDMOs and CMOs is the development aspect.

Unlike CMOs, CDMOs have the resources and expertise necessary to address the development stage that occurs before drug manufacturing. Drug development requires innovation and expertise to handle the design, production, and analysis stages of early pharmaceutical creation.

An Alternative to Expensive Infrastructure

The increasingly complex nature of drug manufacturing means pharmaceutical companies must keep up with high equipment costs, sophisticated technology, and an ever-evolving field of knowledge. Maintaining and staffing in-house manufacturing facilities becomes more difficult and costly with every new advancement.

CDMOs provide a cost-effective alternative to the expensive infrastructure of drug manufacturing. Outsourcing to a CDMO allows you to access the cutting-edge technology and resources you need to develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals without investing a significant amount of time and money toward in-house infrastructure.

Dedication to Expertise and Compliance

Another key aspect of contract development and manufacturing organizations is the knowledge and expertise they provide. Instead of paying to continuously train and retain in-house staff, you can turn to the dedicated experts of your CDMO partner. CDMOs prioritize good manufacturing practices and any relevant regulatory compliances so you can promote safe processes with confidence.

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