What Is OpenLab Enterprise Content Management?

What Is OpenLab Enterprise Content Management?

All modern laboratory work requires a content management system for on-site analytical data storage. The superior solution for the long-term archiving of data—to meet regulatory requirements and protect intellectual research and property—is a comprehensive software system, such as OpenLab.

What is OpenLab Enterprise Content Management? The OpenLab Enterprise Content Management System is a dedicated management system of laboratory-produced data and supporting documentation. Learn more about the advantages of its continuous operational monitoring and state-of-the-art security.

OpenLab ECM: Lab Data Management Software

What is OpenLab Enterprise Content Management? The OpenLab ECM is a data archival system commonly employed by laboratory technicians. The software of this system serves as a user-friendly central repository to support quality chemical research and development. This innovative platform allows users to securely create, manage, and reuse their critical business assets with ease.

Any archived information is remotely accessible from anywhere in the world for collaboration and analysis purposes. Users can easily share developed methods and sequences and report data collected across varied workstations and analytical instruments. Using strategic management technology, this digital storage system conveniently backs up data for historical review and regulatory audits.

The Food and Drug Administration: 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

The OpenLab ECM supports federal regulatory compliance efforts for 21 CFR Part 11. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the security of electronic documentation and recordkeeping of a pharmaceutical company’s intellectual property and quality control system.

Companies and institutions can rely on this content management to maintain trustworthy and reliable data on laboratory ingredients or products used in clinical research and organized trials. With this compliant software, users maintain archived data for FDA regulations that prove quality system validation and audit trails.

System Advantages for Analytical Laboratory Services

The OpenLab ECM provides smart data collection and storage for the lifecycle of scientific laboratory data. This electronic database protects against the unauthorized deletion or modification of documentation. Need to generate complex reports for targeted applications? By seamlessly utilizing system features, users continuously ensure the quality, accuracy, and accessibility of analytical data.

When using contract analytical laboratory services for chemical stability, storage, or method development,companies should ensure the compliance of a laboratory’s analytical instrumentation and quality control systems. Skilled staff, validated equipment, and qualified management software are the keys to ensuring compliance for research completed in this highly regulated industry. Contact Moravek to learn more about our strategic solutions and use of the OpenLab Enterprise Content Management System.