Why Carbon-14 Is the Element of Choice for Radiolabeling


When it comes to selecting radiolabeled compounds for generating data in laboratory settings, chemical companies may find themselves having numerous options to choose from. And with about 810,000 people working in chemical companies throughout the United States, there are endless research studies being conducted. But because the use of a radiolabeled material or compound is generally considered mandatory, the compound of choice is often Carbon-14. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits this compound can offer and why it's selected frequently.

There Are Defined Label Positions

One of the main reasons people choose Carbon-14 over other radioactive elements is because you are able to select the exact position of the label within the structure of the molecule. Because carbon often exists within the structure of most drug molecules, choosing the radiolabeling site can allow for a more stable position. Overall, 14C labeling can offer higher radiochemical stability and easier detection.

It's a Low Energy Beta Emitter

Compared to other compounds, C14 radiolabeling offers lower energy beta emissions. This generally means that it is safer to use than other options and doesn't require advanced shielding or care. Furthermore, Carbon-14 has a longer half-life. With that in mind, using Carbon-14 means that there are no requirements to take decay into consideration in long-term research. So when using Carbon-14, researchers will generally have less to worry about.

So with it being safer and easier to use, it's no surprise that so many researchers select Carbon-14 as their radiolabeled compound of choice. This element can be easily adjusted for research purposes and can be produced fairly easily. So if you're looking for a radiolabeled compound for an upcoming study, consider Carbon-14.

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