Applications of NMR in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Applications of NMR in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is an imperative analytical tool for the research and development of pharmaceuticals. NMR spectroscopy is applicable in various stages of the drug development process to provide critical identification information. NMR also classifies drug impurities. Let’s examine closer the most widely-utilized applications of NMR in pharmaceutical analysis.

The Function of NMR Spectroscopy

While nuclear magnetic response spectroscopy is a specialized tool, it is more so a powerful technique. Within the scientific field, NMR is capable of producing detailed verification on the structure of synthesized materials—such as molecules and compounds—and the possible dynamics that are existing between these materials.

Due to their sensitive resolution, NMR spectroscopic instruments can efficiently determine the molecular structure of a compound. Scientists who use this technique observe and measure the interaction of radiofrequency energy with the nucleus of a specified sample. NMR instruments easily detect changes in frequency to measure the polymorphic state of pharmaceutical compounds.

Comparative Analysis of Radiolabeled Compounds

The applications of NMR in pharmaceutical analysis are widespread due to growing advancements in the development process. However, the main invaluable application of this spectroscopic technique is its quantitative analysis. Quantification through proton NMR spectroscopy plays a critical quality control role in the pharmaceutical development process. This comparative analysis identifies potential impurities or conversely confirms the absence of toxic materials or contaminants.

Identification is either performed via an adequate reference standard or a wider reference spectrum of an analyte. The purity of any compound is determinable with the use of only a few reference compounds. NMR methods directly examine the materials of a drug product for the integrity of their form all the way up to the final production of pills or tablets. This useful application of API content determination is critical for drug preparation and manufacturing to ensure the highest possible quality.

Radiolabeling Preparation and Testing Services

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