The Differences Between GMP and cGMP

The Differences Between GMP and cGMP

GMP stands for good manufacturing practice, a process that is highly important in any manufacturing facility. The Food and Drug Administration's GMP guidelines ensure the safety and quality of all products. Just like GMP, cGMP is also highly sought after in the manufacturing industry. Let's take a more in-depth look at the differences between GMP and cGMP.

What Is cGMP?   

The "c" in cGMP stands for current, meaning cGMP follows all the GMP steps, although each one uses the most current manner. This is due to the continual innovation of GMP standards. As rules and regulations improve, manufacturers can ensure their products are manufactured using the most current regulations. However, standard GMP procedures are still a safe route to follow, as well. 

The Differences Between GMP and cGMP  

While the most significant difference is the use of the most current standards, there are other notable differences between GMP and cGMP.  


Both GMP and cGMP manufacturing produce high-quality results. Each follows regulatory guidelines that create the safest, purest, and most high-quality products. However, with cGMP pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer has gone to the greatest lengths to ensure the safety and quality of the products are meeting the necessary standards. GMP products still follow the appropriate guidelines, but cGMP goes a step further by using the newest regulations and rules.


Since cGMP uses the newest technology to adhere to new manufacturing practices, cGMP tends to be more expensive than GMP. Products that follow cGMP also undergo more testing to ensure the proper use of the manufactured goods and to ensure the quality of pharmaceuticals. All the extra testing and innovative technology make cGMP a more costly option than GMP.  

Regardless of what practice you use, both GMP and cGMP are an essential aspect of manufacturing. Moravek is a GMP certified manufacturer that’s dedicated to producing safe and high-quality pharmaceuticals.